A portion of our most prevalent fixes are laid out beneath

iPhone 3g Glass Repair

Our glass Replacement benefit enables you to send us your iPhone that has broken bringing about split or broke glass. We offer comprehensive parts and work in one moderate cost. This is a standout amongst our most prominent fix benefits and is sought after.

iPhone 3g LCD and Glass Repair

Our Glass, Digitizer and LCD substitution administration will recover your iPhone to its unique condition. Tragically, harm to both the Glass/Digitizer and LCD are normal. On the off chance that this is your circumstance, this administration is appropriate for you. We will supplant both the glass/digitizer and the LCD on your iPhone 3G; and as usual, all parts, work, and return shipping are incorporated.

iPhone 3g Back Cover Repair

Our Back Cover substitution is another prevalent fix benefit. In many cases the back cover on an iPhone will get very scratched or harmed, or in uncommon occurrences it can part from unplanned drops. We will supplant it with an OEM back lodging so the back cover will look and feel fresh out of the plastic new once more!

iPhone 3g Battery Replacement

An extremely prominent administration is the iPhone 3g battery substitution. Shockingly, supplanting an iPhone battery can be incredibly monotonous, and if not done appropriately and cautiously, you can chance harming your iPhone while opening your gadget. You ought to depend on the minimal effort battery fix benefit from UbreakIfix to get your iPhone’s battery supplanted securely and viably.

iPhone 3g Camera Repair

Leave your camera substitution to the experts. On the off chance that your camera is harmed or broken, this is the fix benefit for you.

iPhone 3g Dock Connector Replacement

Our Dock connector fix benefit is likely required in the event that you can never again charge your telephone appropriately, or if your telephone isn’t being perceived by Itunes! As dependably the parts and work are incorporated into the expense!

iPhone 3g Water Damage Repair

In conclusion, a noteworthy issue with iPhone’s (like different telephones) is that they stop working appropriately when they are submerged. In the event that you are in this circumstance, don’t stress over it, we can fix your telephone in a matter of moments for a modest one time expense that incorporates all parts and work! The following is the procedure UbreakIfix uses to process your iPhone fix.

Put in your request online for a particular fix benefit (under our Repair tab). At that point select the ideal transportation technique and checkout. You can pay for the delivery yourself at no extra expense, or you can choose to recive a prepaid transportation compartment or a paid ahead of time lable by means of email.

Place your iPhone via the post office as per the delivery strategy that you chose.

Hang tight for your fixed iPhone to be sent back to you right away. Visit our FAQ for assessed fix times!